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Help launch the clinic by submitting a Pledge today!

We have just over 1700 pledges made - enough to start the process of seeking funds,
but with each additional pledge, our funding case gets stronger!
Your help is needed - pledge and ask your neighbor to pledge, too!

Next Community Meeting: March 12th at Canaan Hall (at Canaan Speedway) at 7 PM in Canaan.

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We can choose to have a quality community clinic that serves the five Mascoma Towns. Controlled by us. Low cost. Comprehensive. For our community - and by our community.


A health center between Canaan and Enfield serving 5 towns and anyone else
Owned and operated by local patients from the community
Open 6 days a week and with evening hours
Health, urgent care, dental, pharmacy, lab and mental health
Affordable - Takes any insurance and self payments
Comprehensive, in-depth care with professionals who listen


Local control
Local access
High quality
Lower cost

What's happening?

Thank you! We have now received 1,770 pledges.

We are moving on to the actual implementation of the health center, the governing board, grants, loans, fund-raising, agreements with co-operating agencies and negotiations with insurance companies. We are about a month and a half behind but will move forward as quickly as possible.

We will be having a steering committee meeting on February 26th at Canaan Fire Station at 7 PM. Anyone who is interested in serving on an interim Board of Directors should attend or send an email or regular letter (Town of Canaan, PO Box 38, Canaan, NH) that they are interested.

We will have a community wide meeting on March 12th at Canaan Hall at 7 PM in Canaan. Canaan Hall is at Canaan Speedway. We will be looking to make some operational decisions at that meeting.

Pledging will continue. We need to increase pledges from low to moderate income families. Generally a low to moderate income family of 2 would have income of no more than $38,000 a year and a low income family of 4 would have income of no more than $48,000 a year. A low to moderate single person would have income of less than $33,000. If you know people that might fall within those income levels, encourage them to pledge to try us.